This page of the House of Tucker is dedicated to Enterprise fans everywhere.

Here you will find stories about the friendships they formed, about the voyages they undertook and about the way their lives have been enriched.

Please contribute to this project!



’’Midnight Memories’’ by Estelle  NEW!

’’Killing Time’’ by Tripsyatlady

’’Clouded Laughter’’ by Tripper

’’Never Too Late’’ by T’Vel  

’’Denobulans’’ by Doctor Odd

’’Unexpected’’ by Annie Hall

’’TrekUnited’’ by Li



We want to hear your stories!

Tell us about how YOU discovered "Enterprise", what turned you into a fan. How did it influence you? Have you done things that you wouldn't have expected to be doing?  What people have you met because of your passion and what developed because of those encounters? Have you been to a convention or met Connor Trinneer and other cast members?  What are your views on the end of this chaper?

Anything goes!

Through collecting your memories we will have the opportunity to form the "Ultimate Tribute" to Enterprise and to the characters, if you will.  Look inside yourself, see your passion and turn it into a piece of writing.

Send your stories to


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