by Doctor Odd


Enterprise is something different. As stated by many reviewers over the last four years, it's not your father's Star Trek. I've been looking foreward to the end - not because I don't like the show. I love the show! It's because after Enterprise is finished I'm sure that all the bashers will warm up to it. What a better way to signify Enterprise than the Denobulans. Something different.

The Denobulans are probably the oddest species we've ever seen or heard of on a Star Trek show. That includes the Pakleds and even the ones with the transparent scalps. For one thing, their mating rituals are not very usual. Every man has three wives. Every woman has three husbands. It sort of
interlinks the society into one large family. If that's not odd enough, then consider the following.

The Denobulans have to shave their tongues, so that their tongue-hair doesn't get too long. They have to clip their rather horn-like toe nails, which are great food for some creatures. They can stretch their muscles so that their smiles are ten inches wide. On top of it all, as a instinct in times of danger,
their heads puff up to twice their normal size.

This is a very short article, but it signifies what I will remember the most about Enterprise - Phlox and his puffer fish species. Don't get me wrong, I will also miss the continuity, the humor, the actors, characters, guest stars, and Vulcans, Klingons, Xindi and sphere builders. It's just that Denobulans come to mind whenever I think of Enterprise.


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