Killing Time

 by Tripsyatlady


Well, for me, it all started innocently enough back about midway through Season one. It was late on a Saturday night and I was waiting for hubs to come home from work, and frankly, I was BORED. I don't know what made me do it, but I turned on the TV. There on my TV screen appeared this blond guy who was in blue underwear running around on what looked like either a space station or a spaceship. I had no idea what I was watching, but this guy was sooo cute, I kept on watching. I just HAD to find out who this was, and why he was in his underwear. Well, it turned out to be "Enterprise", and of course, it was Trip in the episode "Acquisition". I was hooked! And so my passion for this show began, as did my admiration for Connor Trinneer.

I figured I had missed quite a bit of the first season, so I began to slowly get copies of some of the shows I had missed. This quickly became my Can't Miss Show. Nothing came between me and my Enterprise! I even got my dear hubby to watch...and he does not like sci-fi at all.

I have gotten so into the show, I began to look back at Voyager and Deep Space Nine also. I had not seen any of the Voyager series in its original run, and none of DS9 for a long time. I guess you could say thanks to Enterprise, I got back into Trek in a BIG way. I've also actually purchased the Enterprise action figures, something I had never done for anything before in my life. And I even thought of going to a Trek convention, also not something I had ever even given a fleeting thought to before!

I have not personally met any of the Enterprise actors or fans, but I can say I have found some wonderful people due to this show. You could not find a nicer, friendlier bunch of folks anywhere like the ones I've come to know thanks to places like "House of Tucker". I will miss the show like crazy when it ends its run, but there are always the DVDs and websites.

And to all started with me wanting to kill a little time! The fates were kind when they somehow led me to pick up my remote and turn on the TV.

Carol Ann Nick
"Tripsyatlady" or ya can call me "Tripsy" friends call me "Tripsy"


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