Clouded Laughter

 by Tripper


When I think of Enterprise, these are the things I remember and treasure:

*Much needed laughter that came at our country's darkest hour. At a time when our minds were filled with grieving images from 9/11, the crew of Enterprise leapt off the screen and gave us heart-healing escapism and a hope for a better future where humanity could rise above such evil and hatred.

*Trip's smile, twinkle, wit, friendship, and strength of heart.
*Malcolm's smirks, glances, stoic stance, loyalty and strength of character.
*A crew whose bonds of friendship have no bounds and flourish with diversity.
*Heart-warming adventure and exploration.
*The pure unfettered joy of discovery.

*A wonderful group of new internet friends that know no geographic or cultural boundaries. A group of people whose kindness, humor, creativity, and character are true gifts.

Unfortunately, this all has now been tainted by a handful of nearsighted, selfish executives whose heads should be hanging in shame. Persons who, in my opinion, should no longer be employed by anyone in the entertainment industry.

Star Trek is a name synonymous with honor, foresight, and strength of character. It is representative of a future dream for the human race to which we would all be proud to aspire. It represents the ultimate victory for mankind.

Unfortunately the "caretakers" of this franchise did not themselves exhibit any of these characteristics. I will always feel cheated and saddened by the less-than-honorable ending they chose for this much beloved cultural icon.


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