by Annie Hall


I have always been a fan of Science Fiction, though Star Trek was never my favorite weekly TV series when they began talking about the pre-historical trek concept I was intrigued.

Something different and new where everything doesn't happen at the touch of a button; where they would have no idea what is out there or even how to approach it.

By "Unexpected", I was completely blown away by the soft spoken Southern Engineer and Connor Trinneer who made me forget he really wasn't Trip Tucker. "Unexpected" would be the show that pushed me over the line and kept me tuning in every week after that.

"Minefield" also took my breath away. Malcolm Reed, ready to give his life for the sake of the crew; divulging secrets to a Captain he didn't respect who was determined to save his life no matter what the cost.

Character building... those were the shows that i loved the best. I will certainly miss knowing how their lives played out... though I am looking forward to reading the words of those of you who will continue
to speculate. ;)


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