Never Too Late

 by T’Vel


This is going to be one of this stories about the first time. Enterprise is my first Star Trek, so it is only a logical conclusion: it was a great first time, one of the greatest in my entire life. My first episode was “Shuttlepod One”. Could there be any better of a start? No way!
Before Enterprise, Star Trek was on my list of things, I never wanted to do or watch in my life, just after “ I don’t want to get married, ever!” or “ I will never learn Latin!”. But , as usual, I was lucky enough to meet someone, who showed me that I was wrong. By the way, I hope, no one will ever show up to make clear to me that marriage is a good for me too. Please don’t!

In The Beginning...
A long, long time ago, well about three months ago or so, my best friend told me that I really had to watch this one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise! Why? It’s an episode with two good-looking guys in them... .OK, good-looking guys, huh?
But I was not so impressed, and I didn’t like Lt. Malcolm Reed at all. I made many mean jokes about him the hole week. Sunday, it was always time for J.A.G, and before that Enterprise is on here in Germany, so I always saw the end of an episode and a preview for next week. And somehow I was really impressed by T´Pol, and come on, Trip looks really great, so I wanted more. And this English Accent – oooooh, Malcolm, you managed to drive me crazy in the end.

The Best Part...
When my best friend left me for a whole eternity (6 or 7 days) all alone and went to California to visit his Trek friends, he left Season 1 and 2 of Enterprise with me to watch. And when he came back, a new fan, ME, was already born. I managed to watch almost all those episodes during that time.
First, he was very happy - then he wanted to send me to this Betty Ford place he knew from    “Murphy Brown”, but a few weeks later I felt better and only needed one or two episodes to make it through the day.

The Happy End...
Unfortunately, the end of this story is not so happy at all. Enterprise was already cancelled when I became a fan, but I have a lot other things to look forward to - TOS, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and just maybe, when I’m all done with them and still desperate for more, I might even watch Voyager. I’m really happy about being a Star Trek fan - I can’t quite understand how I managed to live 24 years without that thrill.


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