Midnight Memories

 by Estelle

When I was young, I remembered watching a few episodes of TOS with my father. He loved Star Trek, especially Mr. Spock, and had always tried to get me hooked to the series. But I think I was too young to understand the concept of sci-fi and had showed no interests whatsoever. He had finally given up and I became too busy with school to get reacquainted with TOS.

I left home at the age of 17 to further my studies in Canada. But I still wasn't a sci-fi fan at that time until I met some friends in college who insisted that I sit for 2 hours every night to watch 2 episodes of TNG for 8 months. They painstakingly explained to me the concept of transporter, warp engines, tricorders, phasers, communicators and all other techno babbles in the Trek Universe. It was difficult for me to understand for I'm more of a "science" person rather than an "engineering" person like my friends but they did not give up on me. And they should be proud of themselves because by the end of our Pre-U program, I was converted to a Trekkie, above and beyond! I was intrigued by the futuristic technology. It was that that first got me into Trek, not some drop-dead gorgeous actor.

I spent the next 4 years watching Voyager and reruns of TNG and it was on Voyager that I first fell for a character – Tom Paris. But let's not get distracted over here. *grins* I attended my very first convention in Toronto, blew off a bunch of money buying collector's item. I still have a TNG command uniform with pips, communicator, a type II phaser, trading cards, keychains, 1701-D technical manual, an episode guide (TNG), a whole load of novels and other items which are buried somewhere under my bed.

I left for home in the middle of Voyager and didn't get to finish the series until several years later when our satellite TV finally picked it up. By that time, US were already airing Enterprise and I had no way of watching it. So I told myself that it wouldn't be nice since it was pre-Kirk just so that I won't feel bad for not being able to watch it.

About 4 months ago, I managed to download the series and I had to eat my words. I got hooked on it almost immediately and after Shuttlepod One, I started to appreciate Connor's acting more and more. I must admit that I found his acting a little stiff in the first couple of episodes but he got better very quickly. I guess he just needed time to find his footing in this 'strange new world'. It was sad to see him starting off as a carefree person and ending with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I loved his performance in "Demons" and "Terra Prime". Everything was perfect until TATV…

That episode was completely pointless! Trip was so out of character! Our Trip would never do something like that. He would not have given up so quickly. He acted like some panicky cadet fresh out of academy trying to impress his superior by blowing himself up. The real Trip would never act like this.

IMHO, Terra Prime would have been the perfect series finale. TATV was so out of sync like it was made for the sole purpose of killing Trip. And what's with this "confiding in the Chef" thingy? We've never met Chef. He doesn't even have a name! For all we know, he could've been a food replicator! And Hoshi criticizing Trip's English? And him being a college drop-out and learnt all he knew from boat engines? That was preposterous! This episode was
just so wrong.

But what's done is done. We can ignore TATV and life goes on… or we can wait for the latest Enterprise novel and see how they'll bring Trip back. Margaret Clark did say that she will bring him back to life and from the Pocket Books Preview 2007, it looks like she's going to do it!

Star Trek has been a big part of my life and I was sad to see Enterprise terminated prematurely especially with such a cruel ending. Nevertheless, it has provided us with lots of joy, sorrow, tears and laughter while it lasted. I have also made a lot of new friends through Star Trek related online communities and I will treasure these memories and friends for a very long time.


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