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 by Litsa Guevara

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So this is it.  There will not be a fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise.  I was sad upon hearing this news, as I carried a faint hope that there would be.  Sad for those who have supported this endeavor since the series’ cancellation was announced.  Sad that the characters that I have come to care about over the past four years will not be allowed to develop further.  Sad that we won’t be able to ride along as the wonderful writers of the fourth season episodes won’t be able to show us their stories of how the building of the Federation is accomplished, a monumental goal that would and should have had another 3 years to accomplish. 

Upon hearing the news of Enterprise’s cancellation back in February, the fans reacted in ways that astounded many, both in the media and in our neighborhoods.  The world had never seen such an outpouring of support, both financial and otherwise, to help produce a fifth season of a television show.  The World Wide Web has been a powerful tool to create this fan support, and it must be acknowledged.  But, the web was just a means for those who wanted to see a fifth season to do something, to channel feelings of anger and despair into a creative outlet.  The fans gathered together and formed groups that were dedicated to getting a fifth season on the air.  The most noticeable fan effort had been from TrekUnited, which did an amazing job of uniting fans from many different parts of the world.  It created enough interest as to receive pledges from some of the world’s most forward thinking companies.  It created enough interest so that Canadian production companies were interested in helping to produce a fifth season.  Controversy surrounded the group, ranging from questions about the use of the funds they’d received to their claims of talking to Paramount directly.   

In the end, it was not about the fans’ love of the show, the pledges given to support Trek United’s efforts, the thousands upon thousands of letters and e-mails sent in support of the show to The Powers That Be, the rallies of support shown on the local media or the discussions of how all this would be accomplished on BBS’s throughout the world. 

It was about politics.  The politics of those who have the power to say yes to a fifth season.  The politics of who was top dog, and who wasn’t, who had more influence, who had played the game long enough.  Hollywood is all about money and power and politics.  The fans are factored in as only what they can buy: games, action figures, and other merchandise. 

Thank you Trek United for coming close to the dream of producing a fifth season of Enterprise, for giving us hope in a time of darkness.  You are proof that fans can band together and shake up the stereotypes of Trek fandom; that regular people can create momentum and get some of the high and powerful to notice. 

Thank you to all fans for your dedication to Star Trek and all that it stands for: the promise that human beings of all shapes and sizes and colors can come together and help to remove a few bricks from the solid wall that is Hollywood. 



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