Top Ten Reasons Why . . .


  Ten Reasons Why A Phase Pistol Is Better Than Trip

1) A phase pistol will never leave you to chase after some alien woman
2) It won't make snarky comments when it's tired
3) It doesn't care if you're feeling gloomy. Or even writing letters to all the women in San Francisco
4) It gets itself (and you) OUT of dangerous situations rather than into them
5) It never pulls rank
6) The Captain doesn't get fed up if a phase pistol wants to spend all its time with you instead of watching water polo
7) You never have to worry about it getting stranded somewhere
8) If it gets hurt, there are plenty of others just as good
9) Practice really will make perfect
10) Nothing you say can ever upset it


  Ten Reasons Why The Warp Engine Is Better Than Malcolm

1) The warp engine is never in a bad mood
2) It doesn't mind if you meet a beautiful alien
3) It doesn't laugh at you when you're stuck semi-naked in a swamp with an annoying princess, or when  you get pregnant, or when someone else's wife is hitting on you, or...
4) You can fix its problems
5) It's always ready to make soothing noises, even at 2am
6) Attacking it with a spanner actually helps
7) You understand how it works
8) It doesn't blame you for getting it into trouble
9) It never flirts with other people
10) You will never say anything to reinforce its fundamental insecurities




A whole mess of folks have made comments

Just curious about the site, and I saw this. OMG! I couldn't stop laughing! Very funny.

I'm looking forward to more.

Too funny! Who wrote these?? "You can fix its problems". Now that was just mean! I loved "It never pulls rank".

I loved the "It never laughs at you when you're stuck semi-naked in a swamp....etc" one. Mal cracked me up when HE cracked up at Trip in Precious Cargo!!!

Cool site!!! I have to mark this as a favorite right now.....

LOL! those were hilarious. "Attacking it with a spanner actually works" is my fave. LOL!

Too funny! That's it, this site is *so* going in my favourites now...Ah, I love it..."You understand how it works"...heheh...

attacking it with a spanner actually helps! hehehehe

thats hilarious!!
investigated the site out of curiousity and this made my day ;-)

ROFL! this is neat! thx!

god i love that kinda thing now u need 1 to say the nice things bout trip n malcolm like y they r better than the phasers and engine

Hahahaha loves it!! Hahahahahaha *thud* *Gets up* Hahahahahaha!!!! *thud* (too lazy to get up again!)

LOL! Hahahahaa! Too funny!
U can fix it promlems!




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