The T*M Slash-O-Meter

. . . a scientific method which helps us gauge the T*M slashiness of each episode!

Rating System:

1/ - Minimal, if any, T*M Interaction

2/’s –Some T*M Interaction; a scene or two together with others in the frame

3/’s – Average T*M Interaction; working together on a problem in a minimum fashion

4/’s – Above average T*M Interaction; working together on a problem. This rating suggests strong friendship bonds being forged; often results in “missing scene” fanfic not involving sex.

5/s – Extremely slashy T*M Interaction: going on shore leave together; facing a life or death situation together. This rating encourages “missing scene” fanfic involving lots of hot sex.


Episode Slash-o-meter
Broken Bow 2 /'s Trip tells Mal, “Keep yer shirt on, Lieutenant” while thinking of ways to take it off of him.
Fight or Flight 1/
Strange New World 1/
Unexpected 2/’s This is the first time we see the Trip and Mal friendship: they have lunch together
Terra Nova 1/
The Andorian Incident 1/
Breaking the Ice 1/ While Trip plays therapist to T’Pol, Malcolm makes snow-Vulcans to blow up out of his frustration
Civilization 1/
Fortunate Son 1/
Cold Front 1/
Silent Enemy 5/’s Sparks are flyin’ in this eppie, and not from the overloaded EPS grid
Dear Doctor 1/
Sleeping Dogs 1/ Trip wonders if Mal is really immune to Hoshi’s charms while he thinks of ways to save his lover
Shadows of P’Jem 5/’s After the Vulcans warn Trip not to mount a rescue attempt, all it takes is one look between The Disaster Twins to mount a rescue by themselves, and promptly get taken hostage
Shuttlepod One 5/’s The Hallmark Hall of Fame episode of slashiness: our guys alone in a wrecked shuttlepod, tired, angry, cold, and drunk. Their dislike of each other turns to respect and more…
Fusion 2/’s Mal appears just in time to make sure Kov doesn’t want to “experiment” with Trip
Rogue Planet 3/’s Mal taps Trip on the shoulder to join him in his tent
Acquisition 2/’s Trip runs around the ship in his tightsies-bluesies; Mal is unconscious through all of it.
Oasis 1/ Trip shamelessly flirts with a lonely girl; we’re sure Mal made him pay for it later
Detained 1/ After Mal dons Suliban makeup and saves Archer and Mayweather, he teaches Trip about Suliban sex
Vox Sola 2/’s Goo Monster has Trip in its clutches; after reading Trip’s mind it desperately tries to grab Mal for a little Goo fun
Fallen Hero 3/’s Trip drops hints to Mal about the massage treatments on Risa
Desert Crossing 1/ Trip trudges through the desert with Archer, wishing it was Mal; Mal does everything he can to keep his jealousy in check while he helps T’pol find his lost lover
Two Days and Two Nights 5/’s Started out as two supposedly straight guys on the make; ended up going through the bar in their tightsies-blusies; we T*Mers know what happened in between
Shockwave, Pt 1. 1/



Episode Slash-o-meter
Shockwave, Pt.2 5/’s Trip is unsure about Mal’s plan to get beat up by the Suliban: the injuries could put a dent in their sex life
Carbon Creek 1/
Minefield 1/ Although they don’t have any direct interaction, Trip forgets to shave and shower because of his worry
Dead Stop 5/’s Slash-O-Rama: the scene in which Trip is on Malcolm’s shoulders for the purpose of opening up a conduit grill is classic slashfic fodder
A Night In Sickbay 1/
Marauders 2/’s
The Seventh 1/
The Communicator
Even with half of his arm missing, Trip rushes to get the Suliban pod’s cloaking device working so the aliens don’t hang his lover
Singularity 5/’s Trip comes up with “Reed Alert;” weird radiation gives a whole new meaning to the term “Sparks will fly”
Vanishing Point 3/’s Our boys save Hoshi from the transporter; celebrate later
Precious Cargo 1/ Trip’s big mistake; has to play Cabin Boy to Mal for months as penance
The Catwalk 5/’s Malcolm’s request for a shower from Trip is not as simple as it seems
Dawn 1/ Mal asks Trip if the bruises are really from a beating by Zho’Kaan
Stigma 4/’s After exercising on the bikes, Mal reminds Trip in the shower why he isn’t interested in Feezal’s advances
Cease Fire

Future Tense 5/’s The audience wasn’t shown the whole scene in the bowels of the alien time pod; T*Mers know why Mal is spending a lot of time with Trip
Canamar 1/ Reed agonizes over what the prisoners will do to Trip when they see him disrobe
The Crossing 3/’s Mal’s entity goes to T’Pol for mating; she catches on right away that this isn’t the Lt. Reed she knows
Judgement 1/
Horizon 1/’s
The Breach 5/’s Dirty, mussed up Trip and Mal in a cave; thoughts become quite racyas we wonder what exactly went on during the time that they left Mayweather and showed up at the Denobulans’ research site.
Cogenitor 2/’s Reed gets his head turned by a female Vissian tactical officer; out of spite Trip makes sure that relations with the Vissians are ruined forever
Regeneration 2/’s Who’s got time to make out when you’re fighting the Borg?
First Flight 1/
Bounty 5/’s Mal’s smirk speaks volumes after Trip tells him to blow the decoy out of the way
The Expanse 5/’s Trip takes Malcolm down to Florida to see the destruction; later, after Trip tells Mal to worry about the torpedoes more than him, we can only imagine what Trip had to do to apologize





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