Trip Hazards

Danger,  danger! - High Voltage!

Trip Hazard One: The Eyebrows


Trip Hazard Two: The Eyes


Trip Hazard Three: The Smile

Thank you to Nefertari for her permission to use the hazard sign!


And here are some from Nefertari herself! Enjoy!




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Eight hardy souls have made comments


oh wait, isn't that what the sign is warning about? damn, let me go back and do that again...


Nope, same result.

Swooooooooon! Very cute and very funny.I gotta pick myself off the floor.

I love trip tucker plase put more pix on her and my e-mail is plase get back to me

LOL!! The eyes just get me every single time!!!
(And the sign that says "you may fall head over heels" is WAYYYYYYYY too late for me!!!)

please get more pics of trip tucker

I was at collage today and i saw a Tripping Hazard sign. (Never seen one before) So i point at it and go "OMG, thats going on the door of my room!" in front of half my class. Couldnt take it down though coz of the stupid CCTV. :(

But then the same day i find these! (And there better because they have pics.) My personal fav is the smile. Ahhhhhhhh.

i htink i fell head over heals in hte middle of class once maby i shud have ahd the warning sign instead of a pur trip pic in my planner? maby. seriously tho wow

Hehehe! So true!



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