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I have no idea what service is being done for the public except to encourage drooling...but I'm for it!

*Drool.* wat ever they R 4..thank U 4 putting them up!!! MaLcolms is funny..i dont really get TriPs.?

*thud**drool* God i love those 2.

Don't quite know what theyre for, I think i can Guess Trip's but Malcolm's is clearer.

Hmm....... the purpose for these public announcements is... questionable, shall we say? Or shall I put it this way. They're doing me a damn good service right about now... 'specially Mal's promo... *snickers quietly*

Sinario: Malcolm Reed going for his armory evaluation test...

officer: Now then Mr Reed, i'm going to show you a series of ink blot pictuers and i want you to tell us the first thing that comes into your head...

Reed: Yes sir.
Officer: :pulles out the first pic:
Officer: :next pic: this one?

Officer::Next pic:
Reed: guts
Officer: :next pictuer:
Reed: Guns
officer: :next picter:

Reed: Guts and guns...
Officer: :next pictuer:
Reed: :Smiles: A butterflie...
Officer: :frowns:
Reed: ... a butterflie carrying a bomb.

Oficer: :Puts down the cards: Finle Mr Reed... how dose this make you feel? :throws Malcolm a knife:
Reed: ::giggles:: Nice.
Officer: Welcome to Starflees armory acadamy Mr Reed!



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