Ivy LeVangie Gallery

We all feel slightly drawn to Trip 'n Malcolm . . .

This wonderful artwork was created by Ivy LeVangie and is posted here with her express permission.
Please do not copy without the artist's permission.

To see more of her fabulous talent, please visit her website ENTERPRISE ODDITIES.








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Seven people have made comments

Oh, I like those cartoons at the top... the "not-so-secret passion" and the catwalk! Amazingly well done... and so damn funny!!


love the cartoons u do such a gr8 job here, god if obly i cud draw, can u email me any tips on how to? ma emial is neogetz@hotmail.com

Oh, well... there's always next Valentine's Day. *swoon*

Sooo cute~!!!
I love how you draw them~ Love the Malcolm one the best
I like the avocado butt-fruit one~ XD

i seen your art work i like it,im also an artist myself,i just noticed your last name,i thought i was the only one w levangie,its cool to see someone else have the same last name,i know of alot of people in boston w the same last name,but its nice too see another artist w the last name

Oh man! I love your drawings! there soooo cute! I love YOur little Valientine with Malcolm and his phaze pistols... ::swoon:: he's soooo cute....

and the catwalk... had me giggiling...

brillent! Keep up the good work!

I loooove that drawings.. sooooooow damn sweet.. like that one with Trip.. haha he's cute!



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