Trip to Sickbay

Trip learns to appreciate Vulcan neuropressure . . .


Trip: Doc, hurry, I'm in pain!

Trip: Right there . . .

Phlox: Have you been going to T'Pol's quarters for neuropressure?

Trip: Malcolm . . .he gets jealous.

Phlox: Then I have something that will make you sleep.

Trip: WTF??

Trip: I put those WHERE?

Trip: Malcolm's not gonna like that!

Trip: I think I'll stick to T'Pol probin' and pokin' me . . .




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Seven people have made comments

Damn but that is one handsome man no matter what he's saying.

Holy crap! I especially loved the "I put those WHERE?" one.

Cool! I just love that man's expressions!

More beauty to enjoy!

DAMN!!! The guy is cute!!!!

do we have to comment on the meaning of the pics or can we just comment of how gr8 trip is?

That guy is getting hotter everytime I see him!!!!



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