The Interrogation

Captain Trip knows how to get what he wants . . .


Malcolm: There's a ship with unknown configuration hiding behind the third rock from the sun! Git!

Trip: Did you really think you could hide from US?!

Alien unknown to Trek viewers: I was, uh, . . . transporting flame gems! Yeah, that's the ticket! I was taking them to Babylon 5 . . ."

Malcolm: He's a damn liar! There are no such things as flame gems!

Trip: I wanna know exactly what's on your ship, or so help me, I'm gonna start playin' the harmonica!

Alien: No, please! You really wouldn't do that! Would you?"

Trip: Malcolm, take that ship apart! Find out if Brannon Braga is hiding in there!

Malcolm: Oh, I'm so going to enjoy this!"

Trip: Who's in there?

Alien: It's not Braga!

Trip: Then who? Malcolm, go get my harmonica!"

Alien: It was Leslie Moonves!

Trip: And you let him escape?!?!!!

Oh is that harmonica gonna sound good in about a minute!




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Two folks have made comments

god funny, doubt thats what was said but hey we got a while her ein england b4 we even see it. h8 this ep is kills trip.

Malcolm with a beard... Oh my god he is drop dead sexy! oh how i wish to hump his leg!



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