Shower Trip

To paraphrase our friend A4T, "T'Pol was channeling all Trip fans..."


Love those hands!

Wet Hairy Chest... and The Nose...

More Wet Hairy Chest...

Lusty face...


To paraphrase my friend A4T, "T'Pol was channeling all Trip fans..."

So I got a thing for feet.  -  sky-fits-heaven: . . . and for legs.



Trip doesn't like the rough stuff...

Trip realizes that he's in T'Pol's dream instead of Malcolm's...




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A whole mess of folks have made comments

No-one has made comments? Well let me be the first. A giant YUM, THUD, AND THANKYOU!!

These pictures are smoking hot thanks for posting these.are great pictures of Trip and T'Pol

HOT HOT HOT! grrrrrrrrowl baby

Love the hands pic. (I've got a thing for hands.)
Thanks to Trip, I'm developing a thing for feet too!

Oh, that chest!! And those kisses!!

Gotta go.... take a cold shower....

Tripsmyguy, have you been here?

I think you'll enjoy it!

Especially love the last pic's caption...LOL!

Can I get up off the floor now?! My head hurts... too many thumps (!)

Thank you!!! *collapses to the floor again, too weak to say anything else...*

Thanks Li! That was fantastic!!!!!

Thanks for noticing the fur!

Gonna say it all in 1 : *THUD*

I almost managed to....yes. Geez though! I mean....! I can't even express in owrds!

Writers been reading fanfic methinks!

*Drools uncontrolably* OMG! *faints* :D:P

*in daze* Wow, the Hands!!!! the Feet!!! the Chest!!!!

But has any1 noticec how gr8 the shower is? I want 1 like that!!! preferably with trip included.


you're all ghey

w/e u just cant appreciate the gift of CT. Sane Person, u need to take a sanity test cause i know the results wud come bk negative.

Long live Trip!!!

If I squit me Eyes, I can almost see me self with our trip!!!
Or is it that I have completely shut me eyes in the squinting process???

is this really going to be in the series??
I think we're a bit behind in Holland.

hothothot lovely pictures, I would loooove to be T'Pol

Oh this is so PAINFUL. Having T'Pol in the picture at all.

Yeah.. really painful, Yeah, we are really behind in the Netherlands, well at least we've got something to look forward to :D Damz.. i so wanna be T'pol..

Love the pics :) What episode is this?



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