Sexy Malcolm

Beware, this food is hot . . .


"Now what could be better than a home cooked meal . . .

. . . how you want to eat it depends on how you feel."


Lyrics by Madonna & Andre Betts ("Where Life Begins")



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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Trip, why do you insist on feeding me?

I feed you because I just love watching how your lips wrap around that piece of cheese, darlin'.

I will never look at cheese in the same way again.

The power of cheese.

I want to be the cheese!

Is That a Finger in his mouth on the Third shot???
Or is it just mouthful err, whisful thinking!!

Lol funny, like the continuing captions underneath.still i prefer more of trip

I have a sudden need for cheese... Or an Armery officer. Desisions Desisions. ; ) not a hard one though.

Ougghhh! I hate cheese! But I love Armory officers!

I'd like a cup of cheese and an armery officer. Hold the vulcan.

* >^.^< MEOW! Malcolm HONEY....If I wear a blind fold would you feed me some cheese?! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m, I LOVE cheese! "Plaese sir, can I have some more?....."

_\\ //

|~| |_



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