Men On Bikes

Workout will never be just a routine with these two . . .



Screencaps from "Stigma"



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A whole mess of folks have made comments

These two are wonderful together. They have such different perspectives on life, which are both realistic. Love them!

These are beautiful pictures, I love this scene.

The boys in the gym. ::happy sigh:: ;-D

~DNash the Shallow

Random ovbservance...T-shirts to compliment their eyes.
Purposeful? I think so.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Nefertari - you are *quite focused*, aren't you? ;)

I get that way Li! I think there's something in the water!!!

I love this scene. I think Trip and Mal make good friends, but as far as anything slashy goes I'm partial to Mal/Travis with a bit of Hoshi on the side.

i loved this episode, and particularly this scene.

Why can't every episode be like this all the time?

ahhh, *falls into one of her trip obsessed moments* wow, loving these pics

wow trip an malcolm on bikes (HELLO) Lol how, can thy get n e fitter?



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