Hands-on Technique

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We ask, What do the hands tell us?





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Hands playing the console like a piano? Malcolm

Hands reaching in delicately? Trip

The hands say two men without a lot of self-appreciation but with a lot of heart and sensitivity.

I've noticed that Malcolm (Dominic) often gestures, points, and punches buttons with his middle finger. I've never seen anyone use their middle finger as much as he does. Watch some eps and you'll see what I mean.(Am I focused or what?)

bandy! That's great that you're that focused, and on the right things, I might add!

Dominic uses his middle finger a lot because he's not an American. Most people who aren't American, and I've met quite a few in my time, tend to use their middle finger for pointing, punching buttons, etc. My dad, who was from Greece, continued to do so even after he'd been here in the US for 35 years.

It makes sense, actually. The middle finger is usually the longest on both men and women.

My dad did that all the time (he's Canadian). It used to FREAK ME OUT no end. DAAAD! Use your index finger!

Im british and iv never seen anyone doing that.

Hands on consols: both the same and Mal. Hands on blue thing: Trip

Im british and iv never seen anyone doing that.

Hands on consols: both the same and Mal. Hands on blue thing: Trip

Oh! I would recognise Connor's hands in a second. He has the most amazingly long fingers!!! (Don't go there,because we know what you are thinking!!!) Hands of a pianist as my Mum would say!!

i love pianist hands they look so delicate and perfect but thay pack an amazing punch, and well u cant got wrong with trip ever

ure right ive only ever known one boy pint with his middle finger and he was american. ? u sure its a brittish thing i mean i shud know i am a brit

oh yeh, soz bout the no of msgs, um i use my index most my middle is only fot the times when u trying to hit two buttons at one.

me gain, i asked my m8 and he said it has roots in history and is definatly english, i dunno myself

that are not hands....that's my new obsession! *thug* glo glo glo Seriously is there something that is not perfect on the guy!

wow, *in daze* all those hands. and the look ma, no hand cap is gr8! *thud*



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