Hallway Conversation

Malcolm prefers it safe . . . (Completely slashy)


Trip: Yeah, I finally got that blue gunk out from under my nails.

Malcolm: Good. I wouldn't want any of that stuff on my skin.

Trip: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Malcolm: Well, you do scratch my back at certain moments . . .

Trip: Well, I'll make sure to keep my hands off ya!

Malcolm: No problem! I'll just have the nail clippers out on the side table. See you tonight then?


Screencaps from "The Xindi"




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A handful of people have made comments

Fantastic!! You got me laughing again!

Very nice pics as well. yum

Er, nice mental imagery going on there... love the pictures, though!!

lol v.funny

Hehehe! Don't you come near us with that blue stuff!

i think id take the blue stuff part just to get the Trip part.



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