Fanblinding Outfits

Better wear your sunglasses for this one . . .



Photo courtesy of myst123, which she scanned from Star Trek Magazine, published in the UK.



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Definitely agree with the caption there... I mean, yeuch. Still cute though... just gotta do *something* about those god-awful clothes of theirs... hmmm... ;)

The only things that look good in brown and white are livestock. And some of those are a mistake, too! Boys, wrong colors and combinations are the fastest way to draw attention in public.

Ok, gonna go out on a limb here and say "I think they looks adorable" :D what most people call 'ugly shirts' I call "cute shirts" ;) I know I'm one of the 'shirt-loving' minority but I just can't help it :)

Well, Connor's got worse shirts than that one.
But Domi, oh dear, it's the shoes that have got to go.

I have to agree that the clothes are really awful especially Dominic, and those brown trousers on Connor look like something my Grandad would wear. Never mind though, I would still find Connor adorable if he wore a black plastic bag.!! Sigh

They should trade pants! Dominic's pants should be on Connor to match the shirt...

well i like the top i agree with the weird tops bing cute comment, anyway nothing can degrade the effect that face/smile from connor has on you, but doms trouser shoes combo bad idea

I love Dom's pants and shoes... put them with Connor's shirt and I'd wear it

Woah! I .. I think im blind!

I'll take 2! I think they are just so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o CUTE! ;- } *Please sir, can I have some more?......*

Gotta love'm! (I know I DO!).

|~| |_



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