"How Big???"

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Author: Zoe
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Rating: PG 13
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Summary: A drabble.


"Oh.no.no! You are not coming near me with that thing."

"Yes, I am!"

"Go away.it's huge!"

Smirks. "I know. Come here."

"But.I've never.you know," blushes, "had one like this before."

"I know, darlin'. It won't hurt you, I promise."

Suspicious gaze. "I'm not sure."

"Honestly, it won't hurt a bit. Well, it might at first, but it soon goes off.
Go on, darlin', you know you need it. Pretty please, for me?"

"Thought you told me it wouldn't hurt?" Pout.

Groan. "Malcolm.just.just close yer damn eyes, drop yer pants, think of
England, and let me give you the damn injection!"



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Three of you have made comments

lol u get the wrong impression till the end, thats well written and got me laughing.

Splendid job with this ditty. Just enough to brighten my day. Good job!

And now the idiotic grin on my face is permanently plastered there... not that I'm complaining, mind... *grin*
Very well done!


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