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Rating: PG
Summary: One moment can change everything.
Spoilers: none
Comments: Thanks to Darcy for betaing. For someone who doesn't watch
the show, she did a great job!


Lonely, he burns. Alone, he watches.

Attraction. A spark. He feels the deep swell of
desire, heat unfurling in the pit of the stomach.

He observes.
A familiar profile, the man turning. The most
expressive of faces, shaping itself anew with every
phrase. A way of moving, of placing himself in the
world. Every motion a rightness, reflection of
certainty. He moves with a confidence born of
self-knowledge. Beauty unknown and thus precious.

An ache in the chest, the sweetest torture of

Eyes meet. A shock of recognition, an echoing of

Pain transforming, becoming the seed of hope.


Conversation drifts... we talk, but little is said.

In the midst of the moment,
I contemplate. I am, here, now, alone in this crowd.
My friends move around me, I follow their patterns.
Yet for today I am not truly involved.

But then, as my gaze travels onwards,
I see...
Stillness. Hunger. Patience. Watching.
All the meaning I missed in this ephemeral talk
is revealed to me here.

Around me the chatter of life carries on,
But within...

A glimpse of desire in this instant of time
And hidden within the everyday shadows and mists
A deeper promise of joy.


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One of you has made comments

I love this! It's so angsty, yet hopeful at the end.

I hope to see more from you soon!


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