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Author: Pennyforum                                                                     

Rating:              PG13

Genre:              Slash/Fantasy

Summary:         Trip’s dream.

Disclaimer:        Everything belongs to Paramount and I am making nothing from this story.

Comments:       This is my first attempt at fanfic.  I was inspired by a piece of music heard on my car radio called  “Love’s Greeting”, by Edward Elgar.  I would very much like feedback.  Hope you like it.



Trip’s dream was always the same.

He was sitting at a pavement café table, only there was no café.

It was outdoors, yet there was no sky, trees, people.  Just this arrangement that reminded him of a fashion model’s catwalk.  It was white.  It started about fifty yards away.  First there was a flight of twelve or so steps.  These led down to the catwalk which came towards him and then curved away to the left.  At a point directly opposite to where he sat there was another flight of steps leading down to ground level.

The whole catwalk area was covered in this pale purple-coloured mist which moved and undulated all the time.  Actually, it reminded him more of the set of an old Busby Berkley musical.

And there was the music.  Oh, it was exquisite!  A violin was playing the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard.  One minute the music was soaring up to the heavens, the next it was plummeting down to earth, and seemed to be taking Trip with it.  It wasn’t loud.  On the contrary, it was being played very softly, but quite close by, and although he looked round, Trip couldn’t see the violinist.

Then the figure appeared at the top of the first flight of steps.  Trip knew instinctively that it was Malcolm even though there was nothing to distinguish him. 

He stood perfectly still so that Trip could get the full effect of his costume, the purple mist swirling around him.  He was all in black.  In fact, he reminded Trip of an old movie character called Zorro.

On his head was a flat-crowned, wide-brimmed sombrero, set at a rakish angle.  A mask covered two-thirds of his face.  He had on a long, flowing black cloak, which he had pulled across the front and then flung over his right shoulder, completely enveloping him.  This way his sword arm was free, and yes, he did have a sword.  It’s shape was clearly visible under the cloak. Below the cloak, Trip could see black boots with two-inch heels, - and spurs!

Once Trip had had time to take all this in, Malcolm started to moved down the steps.  He moved very slowly.  In fact, all his movements were very slow and deliberate, and kept in time to the music.  He was almost dancing.  Three or four steps down he undid the cloak at his neck.  It fell off his right shoulder revealing a bright red lining which somehow did not clash with the purple mist.  He now had the cloak in his left hand, which he dropped to his side, allowing the cloak to fall from him completely, yet he still held it.

What Trip saw then made him catch his breath.

Under the cloak Malcolm wore a skin-tight, black leather catsuit!  It was completely devoid of features except for the zip which went from chin to…well, further than was necessary.  The boots, Trip could now see, were knee-high.  The sword belt was slung low over his hips.  He had stopped to pose at the foot of the steps.  The music, too, paused for a moment.

Malcolm moved forward, trailing the cloak behind him along the catwalk.  I say ‘moved’ but ‘strutted’ would be a better word – like a peacock.  The two-inch heels probably had a lot to do with it.

About half-way along he let the cloak fall from his fingers, an action which made the mist swirl and agitate round his feet and legs, then started to unbuckle the sword belt. This landed on the floor at the top of the second set of steps, but without making a sound.  The only sounds still being the delicious music.  Malcolm posed there for a minute, feet slightly apart, weight over one foot, hands on hips.

“Wow,” thought Trip, feeling a warm glow suffusing his entire body.  “He sure looks good.  But even those boots won’t make him taller’n me.”

Malcolm stood sideways onto the steps, put his left foot down, then put his right foot down in front of him, and continued to descend in this scissor-like motion.    Meanwhile he had started to pull down the zip!  At first there was just a small triangle of flesh visible at his throat, which gradually got longer.  By the time he reached ground level the zip was down to his diaphragm.

Oh, he was teasing, but Trip was enjoying every long, drawn-out moment.  He was sitting back in his chair, his right foot resting on his left knee, with a silly grin on his face.

He sighed with happiness, “Shucks, Mal, you look good enough to eat.”

Malcolm came towards him.  Trip could see the smile on his face now, that lop-sided smile that he loved so much.  The zip was getting lower, and lower.  The music seemed to be going the same way.

Then Malcolm was standing in front of him, and Trip could see Malcolm’s navel, and although Trip knew what was coming next, he was never prepared for it.

Malcolm leant forward, put one hand on Trip’s shoulder, the other under his chin.  Then he tilted Trip’s head up and kissed him, very soundly, on his lips.  Trip was more than happy to return the kiss, at the same time reaching up and flinging Malcolm’s hat off in one direction and his mask in another.  The music here was definitely more upbeat and exciting.

Trip put his hands on Malcolm’s chest and began to caress him.  Malcolm straightened up and allowed Trip full reign.  Trip didn’t just use his hands, he used his lips and tongue too, kissing and licking every available bit of flesh.  His ministrations got lower, pushing the zip down even further.  How much further could it go?  He couldn’t find the end of it.  And Malcolm definitely had no underwear on!

Trip stood up realising that his trousers were feeling very, very tight – and he could see that Malcolm’s were, too.  He hadn’t realised just how much he wanted to make love to this man.  And now he knew that it was something Malcolm wanted also.  If he were to push the zip down a fraction more – well, Malcolm would just simply – pop out.  His mind reeled at the thought.

If only…

He kissed Malcolm on the lips which caused him to respond by chewing on Trip’s lower lip, drawing it into his mouth and sucking hard.  Then they took turns investigating the inside of each other’s mouth with their tongues.  Malcolm’s hand was round the back of Trip’s head drawing him down so that Trip couldn’t pull away, even if he’d wanted to.  Which he didn’t.

Malcolm began to undo the buttons on Trip’s shirt.  He pushed the shirt down over his shoulder and kissed him there.  Then he started to suck and nibble at the skin in the crook of his neck.  Trip found the sensation overwhelming, and he retaliated by trying to push the catsuit off Malcolm’s shoulders.  It was difficult because of the tight fit, but he managed enough to be able to do to Malcolm what he was doing to him.

Somehow Trip’s shirt ended up on the floor, and Malcolm was undoing his belt buckle.  Then Trip’s zip was descending, and Malcolm’s hands were caressing Trip’s belly and hips.

Malcolm spoke for the first time.

“Take my zip all the way down,” he murmured against Trip’s neck.

The music rose to a crescendo -


It was at this point that Trip woke up!




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