"My Deepest Thoughts"

Author - Need4Reed | Genre - Angst | Main Story | Rating - PG-13
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Author: Need4Reed
Category: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Malcolm's thoughts
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Enterprise, the series, concepts and characters, are the property, copyright and trademark of Paramount/Viacom. No ownership or claim on said property, copyright or trademark is made or implied by the use of these characters in this story. This story is non-commercial, not for sale or profit, and may not be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes.


We met aboard the Enterprise
And shortly after, I felt my irritation rise
You informed me that my installation would be suspended
And adding on, "Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant."

About a half a year had past
And we were finally becoming friends at last
Thanks to that frozen pod in space
We confronted each other head on, face-to-face

The year moved on & it was time for our leave
Going to that club, practically dragging me by the sleeve
For me, the word "bondage" is brought up to new heights
After those long 2 days and long 2 nights

Those charms of yours that I found annoying from the start
Had somehow made their way into my heart
So when you told me to follow you into a strange, alien conduit
I jumped right at the chance without even questioning it

Our strange behaviour towards one another was very curt
When we told each other what we thought of the chair & "Reed Alert"
You pinned me against the wall & I thought, "How could I be so stupid"
"To allow myself to be hit by an arrow from Cupid."

Being stuck on the Catwalk was a bit demanding
And, also, leaving me a little bit randy
Look at you. Dirty, sweaty, covered with grime
If I stole one kiss, would it be such a crime?

Alien bimbos all around
What a way to make my heart plummet down
Feezal & the First Monarch, what were they for?
When I was right here for you to adore

Everything was going great, everything was fine
But, suddenly, Earth wasnt okay this time
You tore into me down a darkened hall
But I'm not the enemy, Trip. Not at all

Now your new passion is to find the bad guy
While you let our friendship slide right by
Right now, we hardly ever talk to each other
Sometimes I dont know why I even bother

Now you spend all your time with the Vulcan
And I desperately feel like punching a bulkhead
I see your relationship with her grow
And I cant help but thinking, "That couldve been us, you know."


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