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Author: maryavatar
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Rating: R
Summary: One person watches another eat cake
Disclaimer: Enterprise and the Star Trek thang are not mine. I make a mean pineapple upside-down cake though, so maybe Malcolm might like to defect? No? didn't think so, but it was worth a shot.

Note: This is a pick your favourite pairing. I tried to prevent the watcher being too obviously the guy I was picturing (smart-fart points for guesing who that was) without turning him into some boring Marty-Sue character. Did it work?



Okay, Iím all set: Chef baked an upside-down pineapple cake, Malcolm finishes his shift in five minutes and Iíve got a perfect view.

Oh right on time Malcolm. Perfect. Heís absorbed in something on his padd, weapons schematics probably and doesnít notice the generous slices of cake until heís right in front of them. Wow, that smileÖ Iíve seen him smile when heís blowing things up, but itís not the same. This is a happy surprised smile, totally genuine and it takes about ten years off his face.


I hide my grin behind my coffee mug as he sits down two tables over. He chose the beef stew as his main dish and heís chewing his way through it with his usual abstracted air. This time itís not his padd that holds his attention: he tries not to but his eyes keep drifting back to the plate with the cake on it.

He snagged a big piece too. Thereís a whole pineapple ring sitting on the top, with a cherry nestled into the hole. Malcolm watches as a thick blob of syrup slides down the side and licks his lips.

Thanks Mal, now Iím hard.

Is it anticipation or self-torture that makes him finish off the stew first? Maybe his upbringing: I donít know much about his family, but Iím guessing they were the type of people who made you finish your veggies before you got dessert.

Watching him eat is always good. Itís not the first time Iíve staked out the mess hall with a mug of coffee and a report, waiting for him to come in. He doesnít pay much attention to food usually. Sweets thoughÖ heís got a weakness for fruity sweets: peach cobbler, apple pie, pineapple in any shape or form. The way his face relaxes and goes all dreamy as he slips a slice of candied fruit past his lips is enough to make me come in my pants.

I canít help but imagine what it would feel like to slip my cock past those lips, to see that dreamy expression as he swallowed meÖ

The stew is gone and Malcolmís face lights up. He picks up his spoon and carefully scrapes the escaped syrup up. God, heís licking it off the spoon! Heís barely started on it and Iím so hard it hurts.

Thereís something very wrong about being jealous of food.

Finally! Heís starting on the cake. Itís torture, the way he slices into it so slowly; making sure that he cuts so that heíll have enough pineapple to top every mouthful. He closes his eyes as he chews, and smiles as he swallows.

Oh Mal, is it so easy to make you happy?

I wonder if heís so slow and careful in bed. I can see that his thorough attention to detail and his well-concealed sensuality could be a dangerous mix. There are deep passions in there, arenít there Mal? All that stiff upper lip stuff is nurture; your nature is something very different.

Almost gone and thereís syrup on his bottom lip. What I would give to be the one to lick it off. He savours every mouthful with a dedication to pleasure and a restraint I canít help but envy: when my favourite dessert arrives in the mess I pig out and itís gone way too fast. I get the feeling Mal remembers every single bite.

Itís finished; the cake is all gone. All thatís left is a few crumbs, some syrup and the cherry.

I feel a little empty. Until Mal scoops up the cherry with his fingers, looks me right in the eye and bites down on it.


Iím going to have to change before I go on-shift now.

The End


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