"I'll Be Waiting"

Author - Li | Genre - Hurt / Comfort | Main Story | Rating - PG-13
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Author: Li
Author's email: litsaki@yahoo.com
Category: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Malcolmís thoughts when he sees Trip in Sickbay.
Beta: None
Spoilers: Similitude
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, body but not soul. Since that's the case, I like using these characters in stories I'd never see on TV.
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My hand is shaking as I pull the curtain back. His head is wrapped in gauze, the plastic tubes... No, this isnít my Trip. Is it? My hand brushes against his cheek; stubble scratches against my palm.

Wake up! Please!

I want...no...I need to see those twinkling eyes, full of humor and love, gazing blue at me. To feel your soft lips on my ear, sighing, the way you always do when... I squeeze my eyes shut. Open again, blurriness smothers them. I look down at him.

What is that on the gauze? A drop of water? From where? Tears rush down my cheek, growing cold.

My finger runs down the length of his exquisite nose. I marvel at the silky hairs in his eyebrows. I caress his soft lips, and bend my head to gently, so very gently, skim mine against them. As my eyes come up to him, I whisper, Trip, my Trip. My dearest. I love you. I need you. Wake up so we can laugh again...talk again...touch again.

Donít be gone long, love. Iíll be waiting.


Memories is a continuation of this story.


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