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Author: Kathy Rose
E-mail: kproffitt@wpfranklin.com
Rating: PG-13
Category: Humor/Romance/Slash
Summary: Trip rationalizes going after a certain tactical officer
Mild Spoiler: Season One -- Unexpected
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters; somebody with a lot more clout does. And there's no way I'm making any money.
Sequel to: Done At Last

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Trip managed to keep from laughing until his cabin door slid shut behind him. The look on Malcolm's face when he had kissed him in the deserted corridor had been priceless. Who knew it would take only one little kiss to stop the man dead in his tracks?

Part of his laughter, he had to admit, was from relief. He and Malcolm had been friends for some time now, and although there had been numerous opportunities to make a move, he'd never really, truly thought about Malcolm that way, and he certainly had never acted on those opportunities.

Tonight he had.

And Malcolm hadn't killed him.

He quickly reviewed the day as he stripped off his uniform. Right from the start it had been bad, an attack crippling Enterprise, but they had managed to fight off their opponents. The rest of the day and most of the night had been spent trying to get everything back to rights as the ship limped along at impulse. The warp engine had been so severely damaged that at first he didn't think they'd be able to fix it without going all the way back to Jupiter Station.

Late in the evening, Malcolm had come to him to ask for help with one of the systems in the armory. It had been the only bright spot in the whole damn day. They had gotten into an argument -- what else was new? -- but wound up laughing together. It had been a totally innocent remark by Malcolm about "needing an engineer" that had set Trip to thinking about new possibilities in their relationship.

Trip slid beneath the covers on his bunk, chuckling at Malcolm's reaction to all those innuendos he had rattled off, one after the other, in the armory. He thought for sure he was going to get hit when he asked Malcolm if he had the "right tool down there." Instead, the tactical officer had looked at him as if he had lost his mind, the whites showing around those incredible blue-grey eyes. Coupled with the becoming blush staining his face, it was almost impossible not to kiss him then and there.

He'd managed to restrain that impulse until Malcolm had unknowingly positioned himself perfectly for Trip to lean in for a quick kiss as they reached his quarters.

Trip sighed. What was he getting himself into? Rolling over, he realized that if Malcolm didn't return his overture, he wasn't getting into anything, no pun intended he told himself with a wry grin. What was it with him and innuendos tonight?

It hadn't totally been a one-way street. In the mess hall after they had gotten all the repairs done, Malcolm had started teasing him, a gleam in his eye, until he'd had a coughing fit.

He wasn't even sure if Malcolm liked men that way. And he knew Malcolm probably had the same impression of him as everyone else on the ship. Get pregnant once and everyone thinks you can't keep your pants on around women.

Only Jon, his longtime friend, knew that he didn't prefer women over men, or vice versa -- Trip enjoyed both. It wasn't like he went around advertising it. He never had been a "kiss and tell" sort of guy with either gender.

As he drifted off to sleep, Trip realized he'd set his sights on the ship's tactical officer. If he was honest, all his supposition that he hadn't been interested was a load of horse hockey. He was attracted to Malcolm, and only his reluctance to have a shipboard romance had held him back. There were usually too many complications in such a situation to be worth it.

But if there was one thing the unexpected attack on Enterprise had driven home for him was that you never knew what was going to happen out in space. If anything, it was spurring him on to pursue a possibly intimate relationship with Malcolm. He didn't want there to come a day when one of them would be gone, for whatever reason, and never know what it would have been like.

It might turn out to be the most worthwhile thing he'd ever do.

Now, he'd just have to wait and see what Malcolm did. That could be a problem, though. Sometimes Malcolm clammed up and you didn't know what he was thinking. He could be fine, or he could be madder than a wet hen -- you just couldn't tell.

He'd give Malcolm a few days and if there was no response, he'd just have to try again until he got an answer one way or the other.

Damn The Torpedoes is a continuation of this story.


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Gr8, loving it. Can't w8 for the next bit

As lovely as the others! Please don't leave us hanging too long!! We want to see Malcolm's reaction!!! Please!!!!

I'm really liking this series so far!
Cant wait til the next one!

please write more to this!I want to see how Malcolm responds.


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