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Sequel to: Damn The Torpedoes
Author: Kathy Rose
E-mail: kproffitt@wpfranklin.com
Rating: PG-13
Category: Humor/Romance/Slash
Summary: Trip wonders what's taking Malcolm so long... and finds out
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters; somebody with a lot more clout does. And there's no way I'm making any money.

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Sitting at his station on the bridge, Trip watched Malcolm. The tactical officer was absorbed in his work, his attention glued to the readouts on his console as he ran system checks. That one unruly lock of hair had flipped forward onto his forehead, Trip saw, but Malcolm was so wrapped up in what he was doing that he didn't notice the dark strand hanging down.

It had been two days since Trip had kissed Malcolm unexpectedly, walking away before the other man could react. He had wanted to give Malcolm time to think about it and consider the possibilities. Now he wasn't sure he could wait much longer for Malcolm to make the next move -- whatever that might turn out to be.

Since that brief kiss in the corridor, they hadn't spent any time alone together. They'd both been busy, and although they had shared a couple of meals together, someone was always with them. Trip's frustration mounted as he recalled breakfast that morning. He had seen Malcolm sitting by himself, but no sooner had he sat down at the table with him when Travis joined them. There had been no chance for any conversation of a personal nature.

He had tensely watched Malcolm during breakfast, and twice thought he had seen a glimmer of sardonic amusement in the lieutenant's grey-blue eyes. Trip wondered if it was his anxiety that was amusing Malcolm. Not that he regretted kissing the man. Just the opposite -- he wanted more. But not knowing what Malcolm thought about it was driving him crazy.

What if Malcolm thought the kiss was a joke? Or worse, maybe Malcolm thought less of him because of it. The Brit was pretty straitlaced, and he still held to some old-fashioned ideas.

Trip finished his business on the bridge and called for a relief to replace him. There were still things in engineering that needed to be done. Most of the devastating damage from the attack a few days earlier had been corrected but, in the meantime, routine maintenance had fallen behind. The sooner he and his staff could get caught up, the happier he'd be.

It would also probably be a good idea if he didn't spend his entire shift mooning over Malcolm in such close proximity to the man. It wasn't like he was going to have a chance to talk to him about anything other than ship's business while on the bridge.

"I'm goin' down to engineering for a while," he told Jon as he headed for the turbolift.

"Thought you had everything fixed?" the captain asked.

"There's always somethin' to do," Trip replied.

He entered the turbolift and turned to the control panel only to find Malcolm right behind him. Damn, the man could move like a silent wraith when he wanted to. He swallowed his surprise as Malcolm moved to stand in a relaxed stance next to him, his hands clasped behind his back. Trip pushed the button and the lift doors closed.

"So, ya headin' down to the armory?" he asked, glancing over at Malcolm.

Malcolm nodded. His appraising look, coupled with a small smile, made Trip wary.

Trying to cover his uneasiness, Trip asked, "Got everything straightened out in your department after that attack?"

Once again Malcolm nodded.

This wasn't getting him anywhere, Trip realized. He needed to ask questions that couldn't be answered with just a yes or a no or a nod. "So, what are ya goin' to the armory for, then?"

"The usual."

"The usual?" Trip repeated.

As Malcolm nodded his head yet again, Trip blew out a frustrated breath. This was worse than pulling teeth, the engineer thought. He was becoming irritated, almost certain that Malcolm was toying with him.

The turbolift door opened and Trip stepped forward to leave, but Malcolm put out an arm to block his exit. The tactical officer used his other hand to press the button to close the lift door, then hit the emergency lockout tab. Once they were securely locked in the lift, he crossed his arms and turned to Trip. There was no smile on his face now.

Trip stared in puzzlement at him, but Malcolm didn't speak. The silence stretched out, and Trip began to worry. Oh, Lord! Maybe Malcolm had decided he didn't like being kissed by him. No one would be able to rescue him quickly enough from the locked turbolift -- Malcolm would have more than ample time to kill him, or at least seriously maim him.

Trip screwed up his courage and squeaked, "Wha... What'd ya stop the lift for?"

Malcolm took one slow step toward him. Although the security officer's expression hadn't changed, Trip could see a light in the shorter man's eyes.

Standing toe to toe, Malcolm uncrossed his arms, and it was all Trip could do to keep from flinching. He just knew Malcolm was going to smack him, and he closed his eyes in anticipation of the blow.

So keyed up was Trip that the feather-light touch on his cheek made him jump, and his eyes snapped open. Malcolm was grinning at him, one hand still raised to where he had stroked Trip's face.

Trip gulped. "Wha--"

"Sssh." Malcolm held his finger to his lips. Without warning, he grabbed the engineer, pulling the taller man's head down so their lips could meet. Whereas Trip's kiss two days earlier had been a caress, a mere touch of butterfly wings, Malcolm's kiss conveyed the ferocity of a tiger going for the kill, brutally pushing against Trip's lips and seeking to dominate them.

As quickly as it had started, it was over. Malcolm broke away, taking a step back. Trip, thrown off balance by the sudden move, slumped back against the lift wall. Malcolm punched the control panel and, as the door whooshed open, licked his lips once, gave Trip a naughty smile, and stepped out.

"Wow!" murmured Trip as the door slid shut. He'd gotten Malcolm's reply and then some.

Brushing one hand distractedly through his hair, he reached with the other for the control panel, his movement causing a crackling sound at his breast pocket. Looking down, he saw the pocket's zipper was open and a piece of paper was sticking out.

Trip didn't know how Malcolm had managed it in that brief, intense encounter, but he had tucked a note in his pocket. Trip hastily unfolded it and read the neatly written words: "Meet me in the observation bubble at 2200 tonight."

A buzzer sounded, bringing Trip back to reality. Someone was calling for the lift, which was still in the halt mode. He hurriedly punched in his deck and, as it began to move, carefully folded the piece of paper and returned it to his pocket.

Crewman Dillard was waiting for the lift when the door opened. "Anything wrong, sir? The lift was held up," he said.

"No," Trip said, patting his pocket. "In fact, everything's all right."

Surrounded By Stars is a continuation of this story.


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Half a dozen of you have made comments

Lol. Great job on this series. Loved how Malcom toyed with Trip-and how Trip knew it.
Delightful work. Will there be another, or is this the end? I hope its not the end, I never liked those.

yey, devious malcolm. Very clever, what they gonna do in the obs bubble?

Yes, there will be another story, Phaser Lady. I'm working on it now. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Makes a writer work harder.

Yey Sequal, cant w8, :D

Just read this series and love it! Especially Malcolm's reaction. Eagerly awaiting the next part. Hmm, what will they get up to next!

Marvellous! Mar-vel-lous!!!!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!!


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