"Damn The Torpedoes"

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Sequel to: Setting His Sights
Author: Kathy Rose
E-mail: kproffitt@wpfranklin.com
Rating: PG-13
Category: Humor/Romance/Slash
Summary: Malcolm has a reaction to Trip's action
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters; somebody with a lot more clout does. And there's no way I'm making any money.

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Malcolm was bleary-eyed as he strode into the armory. He'd overslept and missed breakfast, and only by hurrying had he managed to make it to his duty shift on time.

Damn that Trip Tucker! This was all his fault. As if they hadn't had enough to deal with yesterday, what with the ship being attacked and the subsequent cleanup and repairs. No, the chief engineer had to go and throw a monkey wrench into things.

Malcolm had lain awake last night trying to figure out the chief engineer's behavior. He'd already been puzzled by the way Trip had been acting earlier in the day. Trip had made a number of risqué remarks while helping him with repairs in the armory, but Malcolm had put it down to exhaustion clouding his friend's judgment. After the repairs were finished, they'd gone to the mess hall for something to eat, and the time had passed easily with their good-natured ribbing of each other.

Then, as they were heading to their respective quarters, Trip had kissed him outside his cabin. It had been totally out of the blue. Totally uncalled for. Totally...


By the time he'd overcome his surprise at the gentle kiss Trip had bestowed on him, his friend had walked down the hall and entered his own quarters. If Malcolm hadn't been so tired, he might have gone after him.

Grabbing the padd with the duty roster for the day, Malcolm shook his head. He needed to concentrate on the work at hand, not his personal desires. And it was desire, he knew. He came to that conclusion midway through his sleepless night. He'd never felt this way about a man before, and it was both unsettling and exciting.

Trip was an attractive man. He'd noticed that the first time they'd met. Not that he'd thought about him that way. Not then.

It had taken some time for them to become friends. That was due in part to the fact that they were too much alike. They both were dedicated to their professions, their duties more important than anything else. They each pushed as hard as they could to do their best. And they were both stubborn as mules, as Trip would say, Malcolm thought with amusement as he checked off assignments on the roster. He'd butted heads with Trip on more than one occasion.

Once they figured out that they worked better together than fighting each other, they'd become friends. God, they'd had some fights before that happened! Still did, for that matter. But sometimes the fighting was half the fun.

With a resigned sigh, Malcolm took the roster to his tiny office and closed the door. He wasn't going to get much work done if he didn't come to some resolution about his feelings for Trip. Sitting down, he tossed the padd on his desk. He rubbed his eyes and leaned back, and tried to think in an ordered, practical manner.

He had been surprised that Trip was apparently attracted to him, unless the chief engineer thought kissing unsuspecting men in a deserted corridor was some kind of joke, but Malcolm didn't think so.

Trip had walked off after the kiss. That could be because of three things -- he was too tired to do anything more, he was giving Malcolm the opportunity to make the next move, or he was having second thoughts about kissing Malcolm. The last reason made Malcolm smile as he remembered times Trip had said or done things that had, in his own words, "turned around and bit him in the ass." Trip usually didn't regret those times, though; he was just embarrassed as hell.

No, Malcolm didn't think Trip regretted kissing him. And Malcolm knew from experience that tiredness could be pushed away for...other things.

The only conclusion he could come to was that Trip was waiting for some kind of response from him. Well, if that's what Trip wanted, that's what he'd get, Malcolm thought. He wasn't the tactical officer for nothing. His response to Trip would require strategy and careful planning.

Or he could just walk up to him and kiss him.

Malcolm experienced a slight quiver of apprehension. There were fraternization regulations, after all. Not that the crew paid much attention to them, but he always felt more secure following a set of guidelines. He was about to deviate from his usual strict adherence to those rules, and it made him pause.

Trip had been the one to initiate this situation, however. Technically, Malcolm wouldn't be breaking any regulations. He would be following a superior officer's lead. A flimsy justification, but a justification all the same.

Damn the torpedoes, Malcolm thought with a smirk as he made his decision. Full speed ahead.

With renewed energy, he left his office and threw himself into his work. He'd let Trip wonder for a day or two, then spring his trap. There would be no way Trip would be able to escape.

Mooning Over Malcolm is a continuation of this story.


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Devious little malcolm. Emphasis is both devious and little. Gr8 story cant w8 for more

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