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Author: Jensen
Rating: PG13
Missing Scene
Spoiler: Shockwave Pt2
Summary: Okay, so how did Malcolm make it to sickbay!?
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He felt like a school boy knocking on neighbour's doors and running away. He had an almost irresistible urge to giggle and look behind him for pursuers. Turning a corner, T'Pol beside him, he looked back and found himself falling forward as his foot caught on something. The object on which he landed was not particularly soft and cried out in pain. Stunned, he rolled over and sat up, shock draining colour from his face. Breathing was laboured as the figure held a hand to its chest.

"Thanks, commander, for adding insult to injury."

Trip looked in horror at the bruised and blood caked face before him, needles of guilt prickling his brain. "Jesus, Malcolm......"

"It's alright," he tried to sit up, Trip scooping a hand under his shoulders to give him the support he needed, "it's not as bad as it looks." His face twitched, trying to change expressions. "Then again, not being able to see my face, I don't really know how bad it does look."

"Commander," the Vulcan glanced down the corridor, "we have to hurry."

Trip's temper flashed. "T'Pol!"

"Commander," Malcolm interrupted the argument before it could break out, "you're needed on the bridge. Just help me to my feet....." He cried out at the sudden movement and sunk back down.

That made the decision as far as Commander Tucker was concerned. He looked at T'Pol even as he dragged the armoury officer upright. "Get to the bridge; I'll be there in a minute."

"Commander......" Vulcan eyes flashed.

"T'Pol," voice dropped a tone, "just wanna get him to sickbay. Tell Travis to put his foot on the clutch and take off the hand break, I'll be there in a minute!"

Accessing the situation, knowing even if she made it an order the stubborn engineer would not budge in his intent, she nodded and moved on.


Trip started off for sickbay, dragging his charge along with him. "Shut up, Malcolm." He felt the man shudder as another bout of pain arced through him.

"Don't I get a say in this?"

"No, y' don't. Now, shut up before I have y' put in the brig!"

He couldn't help the slight smile as he felt Malcolm's indignant reaction put some British deportment into that pain wracked body. "Yes sir!"

As the sickbay door slid open, the doctor's expression changed from pleasant smile of greeting to professional concern. "Put him on the biobed over there!"

Phlox moved off to gather diagnostic tools together as Trip propped Malcolm on the bed. He took in the armoury officer's face a moment, pain draining the colour beneath the bruises, that feeling of guilty rising again.

Lieutenant Reed saw the expression and eased into a more comfortable position. "Right, I'm here now, commander, aren't you needed on the bridge?"

"Malcolm," he licked his lips before continuing. "Malcolm, if I'd realised that....."

"What? If you'd realised that I'd get beaten up?" He shook his head, voice level, stating fact not accusing. "You did realise that, we both did. I walked into this with eyes open....it's just a shame I had to walk out of it with one eye closed."


Phlox hovered nearby, hypo spray ready for action, but Malcolm held up a hand, asking him to wait.

"Look, I may be an engineer in my own right, but with weapons systems not warp engines. I'm not entirely sure I'd even know where to start to fake a warp core breech. From a tactical point of view, I was the only logical choice. Now, bugger off and rescue the bloody ship again before they get out the harps and violins."


Phlox moved in with the spray, letting it hiss against skin before further argument could begin, then he looked up at Trip. "He'll be asleep in about a minute and a half, commander. I suggest you go and do what he asks, if only to make his bruises worth while." He smiled. “They're only minor cuts and bruises, not as bad as they look. Now go."

One more look at the already drowsy man and he began backing up towards the door. "Look after him doc!"

Then he was gone. Phlox looked down at his patient and shook his head. "The way humans abuse their bodies, it's a wonder they ever made it through to the 22nd Century!" He began cleaning away the blood to reveal the wounds. "Fascinating species!"


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Three people have made comments

Thanks Jensen, I can just picture this. Great.

interesting, fake maby but it does give an idea as to how thing scould have pieced together gd job.

I always wondered how Malcolm got to sick bay. Always thought the poor guy struggled there by himself. Nice to know his friend was there to give a helping hand. Thanks for this missing scene..Well done.


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