"Once Upon A Broken Heart"

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Author's Email: reednhayes4ever@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Series: Enchanted
Part 1/?
Category: Pre-Slash
Comments: I'm in love with the Ella Enchanted soundtrack, so
this series is based on the titles of the songs on the CD, but not
necessarily the lyrics found in them.
Archive: EntSTCommunity, HoT: Trip*Malcolm, all others please ask.

The transport landed with a gentle thud, which indicated to its passengers that they had arrived at their final destination. While many clammored their way out of their seats and quickly grabbed their luggage, as if to be the first one out the door and to finally have their feet back on solid ground after a long journey, one man sat still, staring out the window. And he remained that way until the transport was nearly empty. He slowly came back to his senses, and realized he hadn't even had felt the transport land, or hear the pilot call out to his passengers that it was now alright to disembark.

He took a deep breath and slowly released it. He closed his eyes and mentally told himself to focus on the task at hand. So, he opened his once bright blue eyes, wiped his palms on the pants material covering his thighs, and brought his hands up to undo the little silver buckle that was still keeping him strapped into the leather seat, only fumbling a little.

Once that was done, he told himself to get on to the next task. He slid from the chair and stood, remembering to duck his head, so not to bump it on the storage container above. He stood slightly on tip-toes to reach the release latch. He grabbed his old duffle bag, which in his current state was an unexpected weight, so it ended up slipping from his fingers and landing at his feet with a dull thump. With a sigh, he bent over and picked it up again, slinging it over his shoulder. He walked towards the transport's exit and stood in front of it, shielding his eyes with his hand from the sunlight. He grabbed one side of the threshold to steady himself as he brought one foot down, then the other, onto
solid ground. The warmth from the sun beating down on him was only turning
his insides colder.

As he walked into the main complex, he couldn't help but feel as though he had a protective bubble surrounding him to guard against the happiness radiating from all the other people around him. As he walked towards the main doors of the complex, he kept his head low and stared at the dark-fleckled laminized-type flooring beneath his feet, because if he looked at one more smiling face, he felt as though he would shatter.

Just propelling himself forward, and obviously not looking where he was going, he was bound to run into someone. He just absorbed the impact. He mumbled a half-hearted apology over his shoulder and kept on walking. A voice called out to him, but it barely registered in his mind. This time when the voice called out again, the owner of it also gently grabbed his shoulder to stop him.


He had a brief flare of anger rise in him at whoever had stopped him from his escape, but when he looked up into a pair of worried gray eyes, it dissolved.

"What's wrong?"

When the accented question hit him, a tiny part of his icy interior melted away, and he felt the need to finally breakdown and tell his story.

To Be Continued...


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What a tease! Don't keep us waiting too long for the next part. This sounds very interesting.

Whoo... looking forward to some more now! Come on... :)

i'm really looking forwards to this.
cant w8... :)


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