"Decon Blue"

Author: Aura-z
Author's e-mail: aura-z@ntlworld.com
Summary: Everyone has Decon dreams.
Comments: This is my fourth fic overall but my first Slash story. I would very much appreciate feedback even if the story isn't your thing. Love MoJo.

Malcolm sighed heavily as he gently sat himself down on the floor of the decontamination chamber. He rested his back against the wall and tried to concentrate on relaxing, and blocking out the complaint signals his aching muscles were sending to his brain. He had to admit he did enjoy going through decon. As well as the soothing atmosphere and the overall calming mood of the place, there was always the opportunity to observe his workmates at close hand. A coy smile played across his lips as he studied them on the sly. The Captain was sat on the bench with his head tilted back slightly and his eyes closed in peaceful thought, his chest rose and fell slowly as he allowed himself to relax. Beside him sat Hoshi, her slender body glistening under the blue lighting, her head was bowed and her hand rubbed absently at the back of her neck. The only one standing was the Doctor who was casually leaning on the wall, engrossed in the medical data pad in his hand, his blue eyes sparkled and his kind features were fixed in concentration. And Trip, Malcolm turned to his left where Trip sat, only to find the Chief Engineer smiling at him knowingly. Malcolm smiled back and then averted his gaze to the floor. Damn, he thought to himself, he must have seen the way I was looking at the others, bugger, please don't say anything please don't.

"Are you okay there Malcolm?" Trips voice broke the hushed silence of the chamber.

"Err, yes Sir, just a little tired." Good, he thought to himself knowing that his voice gave nothing away.

"I think we're all a little tired Mr Reed" the Captain said as he stretched. "Any luck there yet Doc?"

The Doctor smiled as he looked up from his work. "Almost done Captain. I must say the samples we brought back from the planet do look quite fascinating. Even the microbe that infected us is most intriguing, however it's nothing a couple of more hours in Decon won't sort out."

Hoshi's head snapped up and she looked forlornly at the Doctor. "A couple more hours? Can't we speed that along a bit?" she asked.

Phlox shrugged as he spoke. "Well it would help if we applied more gel" he replied, rather avidly Malcolm noticed.

Trip smirked openly at that and winked at Malcolm as they stood. Malcolm couldn't help himself and grinned back at him. Trip's voice was good-natured.
"Anything you say Doc" he beamed.

Phlox handed out more of the gel and everyone started applying it liberally to their bodies. Trip seemed to make a point of positioning himself behind Malcolm so he was readily on hand when Malcolm needed help with his back. Another look passed silently between them. Oh god, thought Malcolm laughing to himself inwardly as Trip rubbed at his back in a hearty fashion, he's worse than I am! I always thought there was more going on between him and the Captain but it looks like its open season now. Talking of the Captain, hello, nice backside you've got there sir.

Almost on cue the Captain turned and smiled at him. "If you could assist me Mr Reed?" He said, gesturing with the tub of gel.

"Of course Sir" replied Malcolm as the Captain turned and offered him his back.
Malcolm started spreading the gel on the tanned muscled shoulders before him, and then felt Trip's touch become lighter, more teasing on his own back. The Captain was now applying the gel to Hoshi's back with an almost business like approach and she in turn was massaging gel into the Doctors back. Malcolm couldn't help but notice the lingering attention she seemed to be giving to Phlox's spine, her fingers running gently over the soft folds.
Bloody Hell! Thought Malcolm, we're all at it!

"So what's in this stuff anyway Doc?" It was Trips voice, and Malcolm felt the other mans warm breath on his skin.

"Oh, mainly just glitter" replied Phlox innocently, "but it seems to do the trick."

Trip chuckled softly behind Malcolm and the Captain shook his head. He glanced back at the two of them and flashed them a smile.

Hoshi gave Phlox a gentle slap on his shoulder. "You shouldn't joke about such things Doctor" she said, "you know we believe everything you tell us."

"I'll remember that Ensign' replied Phlox softly, bowing his head forward as Hoshi rubbed the back of his neck. The room fell silent once more.

Lieutenant Reed had never felt like this before. He felt more comfortable in the presence of these friends than any other group he'd ever known. And that was it, he thought, they were friends and not just fellow officers. Each one had qualities he admired and respected, each one had something about them that drew him to them, each one was dear to him. And that was the problem. He was finding it harder and harder to fight off the feelings he had burning inside of him. He'd been throwing himself into his work at an alarming rate, his friends would often advise him to take it easy and to try to relax more. But each time he did, he'd find himself focussing on them. He had favourite daydreams about each of them. He would work extra hours to keep his mind firmly fixed on work in an attempt to keep the dreams at bay. But when he would finally drag himself off to bed he found the only way he could beckon slumber, was to let the fantasies about his friends wash over him and caress him gently into sleep.

"Ah, there we go" said the Captain bringing everyone out of their thoughts. "All done."

They all resumed their original places and Malcolm went back to admiring his friends knowing that the Chief Engineer's eyes were upon him as he did so. Closing his eyes he leant back and openly relaxed, his tired body tingled in the sexual atmosphere that now prevailed in the room. He breathed deep of the warm air and for the first time in many a year he felt happy and content with his lot in life.

He thought he heard a hushed whisper next to him and opened his eyes just in time to see the Captain nodding in his direction. He caught Trip's return gesture out of the corner of his eye, but when he looked at the Commander he was confronted with an expression of total innocence. Glancing back at the Captain he was treated to a radiant smile. After that he didn't know where to look.

"Are you alright Ensign?" It was the Doctor's voice. He was looking at Hoshi with concern written on his face.

"I'm fine" she replied still rubbing the back of her neck, "just a little stiff that's all. I must have pinched a nerve or something."

Phlox walked over to where she sat and did a quick scan. "It's nothing serious" he confirmed looking intently at her. "I'll be able to sort it out for you later."

Oh, I bet you will. Thought Malcolm to himself, enjoying the obvious affection between the two of them.

"Thanks" replied Hoshi, her return look at the Doctor was equally engaging. Phlox held her gaze for the briefest of moments and then looked away. He seemed embarrassed and coyly crossed his arms, covering his chest before returning his attention back to his medical data pad and leaning against the wall once more.

Malcolm had noted that reaction before. He was aware that Denobulan males did not like to be touched, but he was uncertain as to whether the Doctors bashfulness regarding his body was a personal trait or a racial one. It had taken a while for the good Doctor to feel comfortable enough in their presence to leave his shirt off. Malcolm wondered if that was connected to the Doctors weight loss or if he would have got accustomed to the idea anyway. Malcolm was certainly glad to see that the curtain was finally gone.

He squinted slightly, trying to get a better look at the markings on the Doctors chest. They initially looked to be black in colouring, but under closer inspection there were subtle shades overlaid on the darkness. The markings ran under the Doctors pectoral muscles and down his soft belly. Malcolm had noted on previous occasions in Decon that the shading of the colours would often be affected by the Denobulan's emotional state. When the Doctor had been concerned or apprehensive about something the markings would often show a hint of blue and white intertwined with each other. The last time he'd been through Decon with Phlox, the Doctor had been in a jovial mood, and the markings were dark with soft tones of purple and mauve. Now, as Phlox stole warm glances at Hoshi over the top of his data pad, Malcolm could see the delicate colouring of red and orange merging into one another. He had not seen that before, but could hazard a guess as to what it meant.

Malcolm had first noticed a spark between these two a few months ago in the Mess Hall, when Phlox had been teaching Hoshi the Denobulan language. He had been sat at his table sipping his coffee and quietly observing the two of them interacting with each other. The gentle looks the Doctor would give Hoshi when he spoke to her, the little excuses she seemed to make in order to touch him or just lean closer to him. Malcolm had seen it all, he secretly suspected that he had been aware of it before they had. Though he was still dubious as to whether either of them had even admitted the attraction to themselves yet.
He had often overheard their conversations becoming quite flirtatious, he always felt guilty about it but he would always get a real kick out of eavesdropping on them. But he would end up being disappointed when they would both cautiously pull back from their teasing and draw the subject back to work related issues. There was definitely a line there, thought Malcolm, and they were both just too damned timid to cross it.

But having said that he realised that he kind of liked them that way, up to a point. In his fantasies they would both be slightly shy in nature, unlike certain other people he would devote his thoughts to.

When he would let his mind wander and he would picture himself with Trip or Jon; things would always get pretty heated and steamy quite quickly. He always imagined and hoped that the sex would be energetic and vigorous, the kind that knocked over lamps and broke furniture. He had seen enough of both men's characters to know that they were both passionate souls. Yep, he thought to himself, there would definitely be a broken lamp involved when those two got together.

But whenever he thought of Phlox in that way, it had always been more gentle and tender. It was most probably because he was a Doctor that Malcolm invariably pictured him in the role of protector and guardian. He liked the idea of being vulnerable under Phlox's touch, of letting the amiable Denobulan take control and lead him through his desires. He hungered to have those healing hands run lovingly over his skin, soothing away his pains and coaxing his body to their will.

He smiled to himself when he imagined his two friends together; picturing Hoshi in Phlox's arms. He could see her reaching tentatively to touch Phlox, her hands exploring him, her fingers gliding gently down his face and neck. Her kisses when they came would be hesitant upon his lips, their tongues seeking one another out as they slowly melded their mouths together. Such warmth and compassion, Malcolm wanted to be a part of something like that, to share it with them and to embrace them both. He also had to admit he was just damned curious about the idea of sex with an alien, the fact that the good Doctor had a seven inch tongue only spurred on his excitement at the thought. He let the notion carry him away as the time passed by.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Trip's playful tones shook him from his reverie. He shuddered, his arousal must have been written all over his face, plain for the Chief Engineer to see.

"Oh nothing much Sir, just trying to relax, you know how it is. I've got a busy schedule ahead of me so I try to make the most of times like these."

"Ah" said the Commander nodding and then looking in the direction of Hoshi and Phlox. He made no attempt to hide the smile on his face. "Call me Trip" He said.


"Malcolm, there are times when its ok to call me by my name you know, now is kinda one of those times."

"Yes Sir, Damn, I mean Trip. Sorry."

"No worries Malc, you take your time." Trips voice was teasing and his eyes shone with mischief.

Malcolm managed to get his composure back, his voice was serious. "Are you sure it's appropriate though, I mean whilst we're on duty? It just doesn't strike me as being very professional Sir."

"Malcolm" said the Captain loudly as he got up from the bench and casually sat himself down next to Trip. "We are all currently sat around in our underwear. I would say it's ok to be just a little informal under such circumstances, wouldn't you?"
Trip chuckled softly in the background and Malcolm finally gave in. "Yes, I suppose you're right, under the circumstances and all that."

"Good" beamed the Captain, "I'm glad we've got that sorted. How much longer Phlox?" He called out. Seconds passed by "Doc? You still with us?"

"Er, sorry Captain" replied Phlox, his voice faltering for a moment "I was, how do you Humans put it? Miles away?"

"We know exactly where you were" whispered Trip gesturing in Hoshi's direction. Jon pursed his lips and looked at the floor.

"Not much longer now I can assure you" replied Phlox oblivious to the comment. "Rest assured I will notify you when it is time to leave, please try and be patient, hmm." He had wandered over to the bench as he'd been speaking and seated himself on the opposite end to Hoshi. As he turned his full attention back to the Data pad her sleepy gaze fell upon him, her eyes roaming over his face and body.

Probably doesn't even realise she's doing it, thought Malcolm before turning and noticing that the Captain was giving Trip a similar inspection. He coughed awkwardly and both sets of eyes turned abruptly in his direction.

"Um, so Malc would you like to join us later? You know if You're not too busy?" Trips question hung in the air and Malcolm felt sure his face was burning, Jon's bemused expression did not help the situation.

"I'm Sorry?" replied Malcolm, not quite understanding Trips meaning.

The Captain draped his arm in a friendly manor across Trips shoulder, His tone was soft as he spoke. "It's Water Polo night Malcolm, a boys night in, so to speak, do you feel up for it?"

"When he says Water Polo" interrupted Trip before Malcolm could reply, "he means that we watch the game whilst having a few beers and having a pretzel eating contest. But if you prefer we could get chef to knock up some pineapple chunks on sticks for you."

"That'll be quite alright" replied Malcolm, "pretzels will do just fine. But I must warn you, I'm British, so if we end up having a drinking contest you won't stand a chance. No one can beat us Brits when it comes to ridding the Universe of alcohol."

"Well, we'll just have to see what else you Brits are good at won't we?" said Trip. His voice was hushed but his meaning was clearer this time as he placed his hand on Malcolm's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. The Captain looked intrigued, but said nothing.

"What time?" asked Malcolm his voice wavering.

"As soon as your shift finishes, we'll be in the Captains quarters waiting for you."

"I'll be there," he paused, "Sir."

That made Trip's grin even broader and he leaned in closer to Malcolm's face, his lips almost touching the shorter mans ear.

"If you like we could ask the Doc to tag along as well?" he whispered. "I couldn't help but notice."

"Mr Tucker" The Captains voice was stern but quiet "I think the Water Polo will quite suffice for the evening."

Trip gave Jon a mocking smile and a wink. "Anything you say Cap'n". Malcolm could see who wore the trousers in this relationship, but it seemed the Captain had his work cut out for him.

When they departed the Decontamination room a short while later, Malcolm hung back with Jon and Trip. They watched as Dr Phlox escorted Ensign Sato to sickbay, the two of them were laughing together. Trip whistled quietly when Hoshi fondly linked her arm with the Doctor's as they rounded the corner out of sight.

"'Bout time" he breathed, "go get him girl."

"It'll never happen" Said Jon solemnly.

"You reckon?" replied Trip sounding genuinely disappointed.

"Oh they will" said Malcolm. "They'll just take their sweet time over it that's all. I do think they could do with a friendly nudge in the right direction though." He raised his eyebrow at the Captain.

"What do you want me to do? Order them to sleep together?" Said Jon, shock written all over his face.

"That would be something! Can you do that?" Smirked Trip "Cos you know I wouldn't mind you nudging the Doc in my direction as well"

Jon chuckled and touched his Chief Engineer's arm gently. "Come on Mr Tucker, there's work to be done." He looked intently at Malcolm before departing.

"See you later Mr Reed"

"Yes Sir." Malcolm watched them go. As they disappeared out of sight Malcolm just caught Trip's voice one last time.

"So Cap'n, you got that lamp fixed yet?"

~the end~


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I liked this! It was fun, and you did a good characterization of Malcolm.

I'd like to see more!

the phlox stuff scary, archer i wanna c dies but other than that kinda had me laughing with sick thoughts in ma head

a nice sassy scene i wish i could be part of


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